TCL | Workshop Support

Workshop Support

We operate a comprehensive workshop at our headquarters in Leicester, UK. We have the facility to carry out repairs and calibration on fuel system and engine components, including:

  • Gas and liquid fuel valve overhaul and calibration.
  • Air bleed valve repair.
  • Water injection valve repair and calibration.
  • Gas turbine gas and liquid fuel burners, overhaul and calibration.
  • Inlet guide vane actuator repair.
  • Bleed valve actuator repair.
  • Thermocouple harness repair.

Valve Overhaul

Maintenance, overhaul and calibration of gas and liquid fuel valves. Our service centre provides customers with a World class repair, overhaul & calibration service for all known popular makes of governors, hydro-mechanical and electric actuators, gas & liquid fuel valves. Our benefits include

Fixed Price Servicing
  • Includes all consumable items, seals and certain bearings.
  • Hold exchange units for maintenance contracts.
Repair Procedure
  • Gas turbine fuel control valves are function tested to establish any malfunction.
  • Valves are stripped, cleaned and visually inspected for wear and damage.
  • A report is produced and forwarded to the customer, identifying any components requiring remedial work or replacement.
  • Approval to proceed is received.
  • Rebuild with new consumables (seals and bearings).
  • Function tested.
  • Calibrated.
  • Final pass off and certification.
Repair Facility
  • Specialist engineering workshop with component repair and rework facilities.
  • Re-engineering capability.
  • Minimal turnaround times.
  • Seal kits are stock items.
  • One off repairs and one off repeats are our speciality.
  • Ultrasonic component cleaning.
  • Designated clean area for rebuild process.
Test Facility
  • Hydraulic test rig for functional testing of hydraulic actuators.
  • Pressure testing using Nitrogen or Hydraulic fluid.
  • Flow Test rig for testing hydraulic actuators.
  • Test rig for flow testing liquid fuel systems.
  • Gas throttle calibration is carried out on our test rig
Calibration Facility

We have our own air calibration facility with a large air receiver, capable of providing a high flow rate, at high pressure allowing us to calibrate gas fuel modulating valves at, or near to contract conditions. Gas fuel modulating valves for gas turbines up to 60MW have been successfully calibrated. The facility minimises modelling to contract conditions, thereby maximising the authenticity of the results.

Engine component repair

We operate a comprehensive workshop where we have the facility to carry out repairs and calibration on fuel system and engine components.

Part Engine Overhaul
Liquid/gas burners Rolls Royce, GE, Solar, Siemens Clean, overhaul and flow test.
Stator and rotor blades Rolls Royce, GE, Solar Repair cracks, redress, and coating.
Bleed valves RR Avon, RR RB211 Strip down, overhaul and function test.
IGV actuator RR Avon Strip down, overhaul and calibration.
Combustion cans Rolls Royce, GE, Solar Repair cracks, redress, and coating.
Thermocouple harness Rolls Royce, GE, Solar, Siemens Strip down shot blast and anodise. Replace damaged wiring and ballast resitors. Fit new thermocouple assemblies as necessary.