TCL | Gas Fuel Valve Packages

Gas Fuel Valve Packages

Compact fuel valve packages for Gas Turbines, to replace existing hydraulic/pneumatic operated systems.

Equipment includes:

  • TCL EGV gas valve or similar valve
  • Primary/Secondary solenoid operated shut-off valves
  • Vent valve to form double block and bleed isolation
  • ATEX approved Junction box
  • Support frame, epoxy powder coated
  • Pressure transmitters

Options for:

  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pilot ignitor gas regulator and shut-off valve
  • 24V/120 VDC supply voltage

Example installations:

  • Ruston TA1750
  • Ruston Tornado
  • RR Avon and Olympus
  • GE Frame 3 and 5

TCL Gas Shut-Off Valves

Solenoid operated gas/liquid fuel shut-off valves

  • Direct acting or pilot operated
  • 24/120 VDC operating Voltage
  • 100ms operating time
  • Simple co-axial operation
TCL PECC Valve Gas Fuel Skid
TCL EGV Valve Gas Fuel Skid