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Series 90-30 High Speed Counter

"IC693APU300 is a high speed single slot counter belonging to the 90-30 series of PLCs. The module can be used where pulse input rates are greater than the PLCs input capability or where a significant percentage of the PLC’s processing capability is required. The high-speed counter allows direct processing of rapid pulse signals of up to 1 MHz for industrial applications such as material handling, meter proving and velocity measurement. With the direct processing capability, the high-speed counter can detect inputs, count and respond with outputs without the need of communicating with a CPU. It’s configurable to count either up or down, both up and down or to count the difference existing between two variables. The module can be configured to provide either 1 complex counter, 2 identical and complex counters, or 4 identical and independent simple counters. The module comes with 12 positive source inputs with an input voltage range of either 5 V DV or 10 to 30 V DC. Furthermore, you’l

Ordering Code TCL-0554
Manufacturer GE Fanuc
RRP £570.70
Sale Price £520.00
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